.Bee Propolis for Topical Use on Hemorrohids

by Barb
(Fort Myers, Fl)

My Son is having a lot of hemorrhoid issues. I have 100% bee Propolis that was brought to me from Cuba by a family member. Can I place this on his hemorrhoids or should I have him drink it? If not, what do you recommend, I purchase? He is having a surgery next Friday and we really want this under control by then. My son is healthy and is 20 years old.

Thank you.

Angela's comments:

Hi Barb,
Yes you can but it is best to dilute the propolis in a cream or raw honey. Also, use the water based propolis as the alcohol can be quite strong and may cause some discomfort.

You might also want to try our Propolis Skin Cream.


Bee healthy,

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