Bee Propolis for Oral health while breastfeeding

by Kym

I have gingivitis and have read bee propolis is very good for healing oral health issues. What is the best way to take propolis, as I see you sell it in different forms? Also I am breastfeeding are there any contraindications to taking bee propolis during this time?

Angela's Response:

Hi Kym,
The best way to consume propolis for oral health is by chewing the raw chunks. This will ensure that your gums are exposed directly to the propolis and also that you get direct absorption through the mucous membranes in the mouth.

Virtually all supplements are contraindicated during pregnancy or breast feeding.(unfairly in most cases) On a personal note, I consumed propolis and bee pollen during pregnancy and while breastfeeding safely as have many of our customers. So it can be done safely. However, you should always consult with your doctor first about any supplement you are taking. I find Naturopathic Doctor's are the most knowledgeable about supplements and holistic health and can guide you best if you choose to use these products while you breast feed.

Hope that helps,

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