Bee Propolis & Endometriosis

by Tammie

Hi, I am very interested in Bee Propolis. I just undergone a third operation to remove endometriosis and is wondering whether the intake of bee propolis will increase estrogenic effects which in turn cause endometriosis? I understand that Bee Propolis can aid in fertility for women with Endometrosis because of increase estrogen activity thus I am worried and confused. Would greatly appreciate if you can give any advice.

Angela's Comments:

Bee Propolis has many effects in the body. One of them is it's aromatase inhibiting activity due to the chrysin compound found in propolis. Natural aromatase inhibitors like chrysin block the production of estrogen or block the action of estrogen on receptors. But because it is natural, it won't work like a drug and your body will still produce the good estrogen. And you are right estrogen does make endometriosis worse, but in this case propolis will help. This is because it will help to block estrogen and the action of the receptors. There are many types of estrogen, a few good, but a lot of bad. Your want to avoid triggers that bring on the bad estrogen (parabens in cosmetics, most commercial cleaning product chemicals, fabric softeners, make-up, dark hair dyes, non organic foods especially cheese, and pesticide and hormones in our meat and produce)
Here is my recommendation for you. I have worked with hundreds of women with endometriosis.

Propolis powder/capsules x 2-3 servings per day (boosts immunity and acts as a mild aromatase inhibitor)

Estromart x 3-4 caps per day (rids the body of 16 hydroxy-estrone (bad estrogens) and aids in the elimination of estrogen metabolytes)

GLA Skin oil x 2-3 tsp per day (helps ease heavy periods, PMS, and inflammation associated with endometriosis - and as a bonus it will make your skin glow)

De-stress, eat lots of cruciferous veggies, drink pure water and exercise daily (even 10 minutes a day)

Avoid estrogen triggers like the ones mentioned above.

Try this program for 3 months (and stick to the recommendations) and let me know how you feel. We have had hundreds of testimonials on this combo.

It does not hurt to take a multi and bee pollen as well. I am assuming you are already doing that.

Hope that helps,

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Oct 20, 2016
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May 06, 2014
Propolis consumer
by: Chrysta

I was estrogen dominant. So I started taking several granules of the bee propolis then working up to 1/8 tsp. My next cycle was very light, no indigestion or gas, no nausea or vomiting, no hot flashes and no anxiety, no inflammation within or external bloating AND no excessive bowel movements (symptoms of IBS). I have weened myself of progesterone and I am no longer taking any plant based hormones. I had an elevation of cholesterol,blood sugar and blood pressure. Now all levels are within normal ranges. I was instructed years ago, that hysterectomy is the last resort. While my friends has underwent this horrific surgery, I was able to break this bondage. Propolis has saved my life in many ways.

Amazing testimonial Chrysta! Thank you for posting.


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