Bee Proplis Drops - Mix in Tea or Honey?

by Jana
(Ontario, Ca. USA)

Hello, I bought some bee propolis drops 25% initially for a gum problem which is gone but I still want to take the drops. It says 35 drops in mouth a day but it turns my teeth brown(that is why the low dose but still does it) and furthermore tastes so so bad I want to hurl incessinately! So my question is, couldn't I just put the drops in my hot green tea? I don't want to lose the effectiveness or properties but would this be just a good??

Angela's Comments:

Hi Jana,
Yes, you could put the drops in your green tea but propolis doesn't dissolve well due to its resinous nature. You'd also want to be careful about boiling water damaging the propolis properties. You might want to consider mixing it in some raw honey and swallowing it that way. We find raw honey does a good job of covering up the worst of tastes!

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