Bee Products for colitis?


I'm interested in taking your products; pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

I have colitis and am wondering what you would recommend I take each day?


P.S. Your site is very interesting and informative.

Hi there,
Thank you for you kind words. I'm glad you're finding our site so informative. For colitis, I'd recommend trying bee pollen and royal jelly. As a result of the colitis, you won't be absorbing nutrients very well and with bee pollen being so nutrient dense, this will help erase those deficiencies and increase your vitality. Royal jelly has many anti-inflammatory properties and since colitis is an inflammatory condition, it may help you. A tablespoon of raw honey per day would also probably help sooth your gut!

Some other supplements you many want to consider using is something called Intestinal Bowel Support. It is made by Renew Life and can be ordered online. I have had tremendous success with this product in the past.

Hope that helps!

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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