Bee pollen with immunosuppresants?

by Claire J.

My daughter has Crohn's Disease and is on an immunosuppresant, 6MP. Is bee pollen safe for her to take? She is in college and gets very tired easily. Instead of coffee, I am trying to get her to try some natural energizers. What do you think?

Hi Claire,
Difficult to say whether bee pollen would be safe for your daughter or not. I am not familiar with 6MP and a pharmacist would be who I'd speak with about this. Immunosuppresant's are very serious medications and I am not qualified to comment on their safety. Bee pollen has some immune modulating properties so I'd be very cautious. If your pharmacist or Doctor gives you the ok, start out with one granule at a time and increase slowly by only a few granules while
remaining very aware of any side effects or interactions.

Hope that helps and sorry I can't be of more assistance.


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