Bee pollen left unrefrigerated

by Lori
(Holland )

I accidentally put my bee pollen in the cupboard for 48 hours rather than the freezer.

Once I realized this I immediately put it back in the freezer.

Is this bee pollen still good to use or shall I dispose of it and buy a new package?
Thanks Lori

Angela Says:

Yes, it is completely fine.

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Jan 07, 2017
Can I just eat it?
by: Sarah

Do i just eat the pollen straight, or mix it with something?

Yes you absolutely can eat is straight. You can also mix it in yogurt, apple sauce or a smoothie.


Jul 08, 2016
unrefrigerated pollen
by: Lynne

Hi there,
I left an unopened container of fresh bee pollen unrefrigerated for about 3 weeks. It smells tangy and Im sure its fermenting. Should it be thrown out?

If the bee pollen was dried, then it is most likely fine. If it was truly fresh and not dried before it was packaged/sold, then it is expired.


May 11, 2016
by: Vicki

Hi Angela,

I love your site and everything you do. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us.

My question is: freeze or refrigerate bee pollen? I just keep mine in the crisper. I wouldn't think it would be good to freeze it.

What say you?


I recommend freezing it for longer term storage Vicki. Short term the fridge is great.


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