Bee Pollen - Is Organic important?

by Arash Jacob
(Los Angeles)

Hi Angela.

I'm doing some research and I like you so I'd like to ask a question. I have been taking some Y.S. organic bee pollen but it hasn't been feeling right to me. Looks like its been heated as it requires no refrigeration. So much for that.

As far as your raw pollen is concerned, I really like that it's raw (as that seems to be the most important fact) but please tell me: is it important for it also to be "organic," or is that mostly hype for flowers and such?


Angela's Comments:

Hi Arash,
You bring up several important issues. First of all, Y.S. Organics Bee Pollen isn't actually organic. They call themselves 'Organics' but their bee pollen isn't certified. It's a clever marketing trick. Their honey products are organic but as far as I can tell, their bee pollen is not. That being said, I support organic as much as possible but have not once come across a true organic bee pollen. So while I support organic farming and consume as much organic food as possible, I don't believe there is a reputable organic bee pollen available on the market.

Hope that helps,

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