Bee pollen for energy?

by melissa

I have a question about bee pollen usage. I bought some from my local pharmacy in the form of a capsule after a friend recommended it for my hypersomnia (extreme daytime sleepiness). The pharmacist suggest taking it with a b-12 complex vitamin, and I have been taking both for about 7 weeks and have felt absolutely no change.

My question is that all the forums I find on the internet about it say about taking teaspoonfulls/etc, and so obviously is not in the capsule form that I have. The brand is Spring Valley, and it says it is natural bee pollen, 550mg per capsule and I take 2 per day. Is there a significant difference between the capsules and the granules? It is also possible that I am just not responding to it, as I have tried several various things now for my fatigue and nothing has helped at all. Thanks for any answers you can give me.

Hi Melissa,
Yes, you are likely not taking enough. Work up to a tablespoon a day or more. Most capsules are just granules packed into the capsules so you are only taking a 1/4 teaspoon per day, which is likely not enough for the condition you are treating.

Hope that helps,

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