Bee Pollen for Bells Palsy?

by Becky K.

My husband has bells palsy and was told bee pollen would help by and herbalist. We finally found it and are wondering how much to take, or any feedback you might have on it. Thanks~Becky

Angela's Response:

You are right - bee pollen would be a great super-food/supplement for your husband to take. It is loaded with B-Vitamins to help with repair of new cells and circulation. After he has been through the test period and no reactions to Bee Pollen, he should take 1 TBSP 2-3 x per day.
The cause of Bell's Palsy is possibly viral, bacterial infections and or nutritional disorders. - Bee Pollen is a great place to start.
I also recommend that he take 600mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid per day (to repair nerve damage) an also Magnesium to calm the nerves and MSM to act asan anti-inflammatory.
I hope this helps!
Bee Healthy,

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