Bee Pollen for a Lupus patient?

by Mia

Do you think bee pollen would be ok for a person with Systemic Lupus to take? Their white blood count is very low, so this sounds like it might help. Thank you

Angela's Comments:

Bee pollen does have immune modulating properties and with Lupus being an auto-immune disorder, you'd really want to be careful here. Not to say that it can't be taken, but I'd suggest working with a Naturopathic Doctor or your MD to ensure that the lupus isn't made worse.

Is the patient on any drugs for the Lupus?


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Aug 19, 2012
Bee pollen and lupus
by: Kreatha

I have SLE lupus and have been taking bee pollen and royal jelly. I am fixing to start taking propolis. Do you think I should stop taking bee pollen? Could it make lupus worse?

Hi Kreatha,
If the bee pollen has not made your lupus worse to this point, it is unlikely that it will once you add the propolis. That is not to say that it can't, but it is unlikely. That being said, if and when you add the propolis, start out with a very small amount and slowly increase it over several weeks as you determine how you tolerate it . When using bee products, always monitor your condition closely and if possible, work with a natural health care professional.

Hope that helps.


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