Bee Pollen and Insomnia

by Rhonda
(Santa Cruz, CA)

My sleep is already iffy. I normally wake up at 1 or 2am and cannot get back to sleep until 5am or so. But if I take bee pollen I don't even fall asleep at all and don't get to sleep until 5:30am or so. During the day yesterday I had never felt better (my second day of taking it, I only took a large pinch of granules this day). I was more focused and happier in general and no fatigue as my usual self is. So in the past I tried this and same thing happened. I just bought this because I forgot that in the past it caused insomnia. I really want to take the bee pollen granules which I add to smoothies by the way. I love the energy and happiness it brings me, i really need it. So have you heard in the past if someone that it has caused insomnia to had any luck with going slowly.? I am always stimulated by things that help most people and do not cause them insomnia.. It seems I am sensitive to things in that area but not in the allergy side effect area. Will I benefit from going slowly like someone with allergies to this would? Also, do you know why it is causing insomnia.? Is it the B vitamins stimulating my brain, is this stimulating my adrenals? What is causing it. I only take this at 9am or so by the way, never later in the day...please help.. I want to enjoy the good benefits without the lack of sleep..


Hi Rhonda,
Yes, I would recommend you try starting out with very, very small amounts and slowly increasing ONLY if you are able to sleep.

Bee healthy,

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Jul 31, 2016
by: Ana

Hi Rhonda,

I have never had insomnia in my life and about a week ago, i started taking bee pollen for menopause. Since then, i could,'t sleep anymore. I don't know what is going on, but today i decided to stop taking it, because these last days i have been so tired duing the day for not being able to sleep properly, that i find bee pollen not adequate for me.


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