Asthma and royal jelly?

by Shanna
(South Carolina)

My doctor "says" I have asthma...I've never had an asthma attack and rarely even use an inhaler. I take no allergy meds nor any asthma meds. Everything I read says to not take RJ if you have asthma. Would there be an appropriate dose to start with so I can see if I'm allergic? I eat honey with no problems and have even used Bee Pollen before with no problems as well.

Angela's Comments:

Interesting that your Dr. says you have asthma but no asthma symptoms. If you are to try the royal jelly, start out with micro doses and slowly increase them if you experience no symptoms. A micro dose would be the tip of a teaspoon or less to start, gradually building from there.

Bee healthy,

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May 20, 2014
by: Anonymous

You really have to go to a Pulmonologist to see if you have asthma. They do all kinds of breathing tests to see.

I've had allergy and sinus problems for years, and now I have asthma. I think that the asthma is mainly due to my Blood Pressure Medicine (I started having problems right after I started the medicine, and it's listed as a side-effect).

Anyway, I've heard that Royal Jelly help asthma, but you shouldn't take it if you have asthma -- I know!

The next time I see my Pulmonologist, I'm going to ask him, and if I were you, I'd go to one and find out for sure, and until you speak to someone, I wouldn't take the Royal Jelly.

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