Arthritis pain.

by Leslie

Hi Angela,

I started taking your bee propolis capsules. They helped to decrease the arthritis pain I have in my back. Then by increasing the dosage it eliminated the pain altogether. I actually sleep the night now! I take two in the morning when I wake-up and 4 before bed. Would there be another product that would be more effective that I could take less off? I do need 4 at night, less then that is not enough.

Hi Leslie,
So great to hear! Propolis truly is amazing and I'm so glad to hear that it is helping you! A better option for you (more economical) might be our propolis powder.

It wouldn't be more or less effective, it would just be cheaper for you and wouldn't involve taking 4 capsules at night.

Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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