Amount of Flavonoid in Propolis

by Pat
(Camp Henry Korea)

I want to start buying Propolis for my wife who is always tired. Some of the articles I have read suggest being careful when buying Propolis and check to see how much flavonoid is included. Can you tell me how much is in the Propolis capsules you sell?

Angela's Comments:

Hi Pat,
Unfortunately, I don't have that information. I can assure you that we source our propolis from a very high quality North American supplier whom we have dealt with for years. During this time we have obtained great results with the propolis which indicates to me that it is a quality product.

If you'd like to try our propolis caps, we have a coupon out this month to get $5 off a 120 cap bottle. Enter propoliscaps in the coupon box upon checkout.

Bee healthy,

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