Allergic to bee venom, can I take Royal Jelly?

by Tao
(Boise, id)

My mother is 89. She has memory loss due to insulin resistance. She was told several yrs ago that she was allergic to bee venom. I take rj regularly with only good benefits and I wanted to give her some.

Is there any danger? How much shld she take?

Thank you.

Angela's Comments:

Yes, she should be cautious. However, she is allergic to bee venom and there is no bee venom in royal jelly. So it is possible that she can take royal jelly but you should be very cautious in giving her any. If you decide to, start out with the tiniest amount and very, very slowly over several weeks increase the dose ONLY if she tolerates it well. And as always, speak with your doctor to let him know what you are thinking of doing.

Bee healthy,

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