Allergic to bee stings could I still use the product to loose about 20 lbs ??

I am 45 years old I have been struggling to loose another 20 lbs. I have a friend who lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks. I am so interested but concern if the pollen is dangerous for me because of the 2 bee stings I got in my past.

Angela's Comments:

Great question. I need to preface my answer with this - I am not a medical doctor so I can't legally advise people on medical issues. You should always consult with your doctor on severe allergy issues before taking any supplement. That being said, there is no bee venom in bee pollen. Your son is allergic to the venom, not the pollens in the bee pollen granules. If you decide to give him bee pollen, start out with only one granule at a time and increase this amount daily by one granule for a month IF he doesn't show any signs of reacting badly. And as always, check with your doctor and let him know what you are doing.

Bee healthy,

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