ZXT Gold results slowing. How come?

Been on zxt gold for a month and only lost 8 lbs, everyone else is loosing a lot more weight than that. Am I doing something wrong? I drink plenty of water, at least 64 oz a day is that not enough water?

Angela's Comments:

I hesitate to comment on the results people obtain from ZXT because I don't necessarily recommend the product. It is not a bee pollen product - it has several other ingredients in it which are not from the hive. We receive pretty regular side effect reports from ZXT users here at Bee Pollen Buzz.com , which concerns me. The product has a laxative effect, which is not fat loss. It is simply removing water and waste out of the body, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but misleading on the part of the company selling it and also dangerous over the long term as the body will develop a tolerance to this.

64 ounces of water per day is a healthy amount and I don't think it is your issue. For fast, safe fat loss, eliminate all white products from your diet - stop eating bread, pasta and rice. Don't drink ANY calories - no soda whatsoever. Drink only water and herbal teas. Increase your protein, vegetables and healthy fats. Eat moderate amounts of fruit before lunch and walk/exercise 30 minutes per day. And lastly, eat no sugar!

If you follow these simply guidelines, fat loss will accelerate dramatically.

You can also add a research proven, safe, natural fat loss product such as CLA Plus to your daily routine for accelerated results.


Bee healthy,

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