Y.S. Organic bee pollen & bee pollen for joint pain?

by valerie dunning

I bought y.s. organic bee farms bee pollen . I already thought what you said about the whole organic thing but my question is is this a good brand ? I am trying to do good things for my body as I am b-vitamin and calcium deficient which has given me alot of joint pain and stiffness. I am hoping the bee pollen works for me. I was told to take honey. I did try the organic raw honey and I did not feel any difference I took it daily for 3 months.

Angela's Response:

While I can't verify the source of Y.S. Organic's pollen or their practices when it comes to collection and storage, they are one of the largest distributors of bee pollen in North America. Based on that, I would think that their quality is relatively good, as it would be difficult to get as large as they are without providing a quality product. I have not tried their product however so I can't vouch for anything beyond this.

Continue taking bee pollen - this will help with your vitamin and mineral deficiencies and energy production. Raw honey is an excellent food but it is not a therapeutic joint product. And consuming too much of it can actually be detrimental - keep in mind it is a sugar and can literally be 'too sweet!'. I would suggest you get a high quality joint product such as Dr. Whitaker's Joint Essentials for your stiff joints. You may also want to try mixing your honey with some apple cider vinegar for your joints as a folk remedy for joint pain/inflammation.

Consider taking some Omega 3 fish oil for your joints as well - think of it as lubrication for your joints.

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