Which products for tiny bumps on skin?

Hello Angela,

First off can I just say THANK YOU! I somehow stumbled across your website one night while researching possible actions I could take to get better skin. 2 hours later once I had read every single article and product on your great website I was a believer! I think its an amazing thing you are doing, so thank you.

There are five products on your website that caught my eye for healthier smooth skin. I have a big problem with all these tiny bumps all over my face that will NOT go away. I eat healthy and drink tons of water and am really wanting to try out some bee products!

As much as i would love to buy all five products right away, i simply cannot afford it. Maybe one day- but until i get finically stable again it just isn't an option.

So my question is... With your experience and knowledge with all these products which would you personally recommend i try?

Bee Pollin?
Royal Jelly?
So Ho Mish skin cream?
Collagen Plus 30 ml?
or GLA Skin Oil?

I can only afford about 3 of these items. Which would most benefit my search for great skin? To be honest, I think bee pollin is probably a must? Seeing that it has so many other great effects as well- not just the skin.

It would mean so much if i could get a reply back to this question as i am just itching to order some products! I also sent the link to my family and friends and must say you are gaining quite the fan club in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan!

Thanks Again,

Hi Gemma,
Thank you so much for your kind words! And I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I get ALOT of email! ha ha Anyways, I'd love to try and help you out with your skin. Before I make any recommendations, can you give me a bit more information - have the tiny bumps been diagnosed by a dermatoligist at any time? I'm just curious if it is a form of rosacea or psoriasis. Anyways, I'd suggest the follwing:

1. Bee pollen (1 - 2 tablespoons per day)
2. GLA Skin Oil
3. Celadrin Skin Therapy cream (this wasn't on your list but I think you may have an inflammatory condition that is causing the issue and this product works great for these issues) I'm prone to skin issues and whenever I need a heavy hitter, this is what I use.

You can find the Skin Therapy Cream here:


I hope that helps and please let me know if you have any other questions!

Bee healthy,

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