When to take bee pollen for athletics?

by Chris

Im a surfer and wanted to test this product to see if it helps my endurance and stamina in the water because surfing a very exhausting sport especially if you go surfing for 3 or more hours at a time. I just wanted to know when should I take right before I hit the water? An hour before?

Hi Chris,
Great question. I would suggest reading my article on Bee Pollen for athletes here:


If you are having issues with endurance (3 hours plus) the only way to solve this is by eating at some point during the 3 hours. Obviously this is an issue for you being a surfer due to the fact that you're on the water and it is difficult to bring food with you on the board. But virtually all endurance athletes who compete/train for great er than 2 hours must eat. I'd suggest bringing some food to the beach in a small cooler and taking a small break to snack on. After two hours on the board, having a couple of tablespoons of bee pollen would help you tremendously. Or a couple of tablespoons of raw honey mixed with bee pollen - this would supply you with ample carbs, protein and some healthy fats as well as some royal jelly and propolis.

Hope that helps,

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