What is Grade B Honey?

I bought some Grade B, Wildflower Honey from the local natural food store not far from my house. It came from Burch Bees local where I live in California. It came in a glass jar and is 1 1/2 lbs of honey. I asked the store owner if it was raw honey and he said it was but I am not sure. It not clear though and its firm to touch. I am fighting allergies or possibly a cold and I wanted some honey for my tea. I hope the honey I have for now will work?

Grade B honey just means that no filtration has occurred whatsoever. So yes, it is likely raw.

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Jul 20, 2016
Buyer beware
by: Tim Blodgett

I am the President of a Florida Bee Club. We have 2 Master Beekeepers, 4 welsh honey judges, we follow UF of Florida at Gainsville & support the Bee Lab of the foremost authority on Bees in the USA at the present time. A definition of grade "B" was established by the USDA in 1985 & is still in effect. Their standards are extensive and online and have little to do with any of the discussions I've read here. For competition purposes grade "A" vs grade "B" are what comes into question most often and are best addressed by a Welsh Honey Judge. Most considerations are objective but flavor is in the eye of the beholder and strictly subjective. Water content,debris,clarity,& crystal formation are mostly the defining factors of A,B,C status at the time of evaluation. Filtration is a poor indicator. There are 400 micron strainers and 400 micron filters. Neither will prevent the allergy relieving effects of local honey. Heat will. Terms such as "raw", "natural", or "organic" mean nothing. They can all just as easily be flavored corn syrup from China. The best way to buy honey is to learn about it, talk to the Beekeeper, or learn what to look for. Cost is a good start. 1lb of honey in my area goes for $8. So when I see it on sale at Walmart for $3.84. I'm thinking...corn syrup.

Nov 08, 2015
Grade B Worked For Me
by: Anonymous

I moved to NorCal and my allergies and asthma exploded to such a degree I thought I made a grave mistake coming out here. I had to go to an urgent care clinic to get a breathing treatment and was prescribed something similar a common over the counter allergy med. Needless to say, I could not get in to see a doc in time enough to see me and refill these meds in 30 days. I opted to turn to local honey. A grade B locally made honey I found in a healthy food chain. It came in so many flavors that I went through all of them to ensure immunity. I was desperate. It worked!!! NO MORE ASTHMA and I cannot tell you how relieved I was. I've been fighting asthma since childhood and became dependent on inhalers. I hardly use them now. Anyone who has it as bad can attest that inhalers are crippling.

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