What brands of propolis are good to take?

by Gye Lee
(Wilmington, DE)

There seems to many different types and brands out there. I am confused to which ones to start with. Plaese advised me with your knowledge?

Angela's Response:

Hello Gye,
Well, I am a tad biased but I like to think that our bee propolis products are some of the best out there. You can view them all here:


The easiest way to start taking propolis is to begin with the 1000 mg capsules. Propolis tincture and raw chunks have a strong taste so if you are new to them, I recommend starting with the capsules.

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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Jan 12, 2021
endometr cancer
by: mohamad

My mother has got endometr cancer.now shi is doing chemoterapy.which ones is better .solid propolis or liquid brazilian propolis.dos it useful for treat her and prevent disease..than kyou ..my email is misa1380@ yahoo.com

Please help me i am very depres for my mother disease

Oct 13, 2018
Propolis for Asthma and chest infection
by: Muzafar

Hi Angela,

My 7 yrs old daughter has asthma and chest infection, she is always sneezing and her chest seems infected when she coughs.

I have two questions

1- what type of proplis is good for her and for how long she needs to take it.
2- are your products free from alcohol?

Muzafar Hussain

Angela's Comments:
I would recommend our propolis tincture for her Mr. Hussain. It is alcohol free.

May 31, 2018
Prostate cancer
by: Anonymous

HEllo, my elderly dad is newly diagnosed with prostate cancer and has decided for nature to take its course please can you advise how much propolis in capsule form should he take to keep this cancer at bay, thanks Oscair

Mar 11, 2018
ovarian cancer survivor
by: Rosie

Hi there,
I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2014. A friend of our family suggested for me to take propolis to increase my immunity. Just wondering how much I should take?, do I have to take the capsules or tablet or do I have to take the liquid?. Please help and thank you so much.

1000 - 2000 mg is typically enough to increase immune activity. Work with a pharmacist or Naturopathic Dr. to determine if more is suitable for you Rosie.


Jun 01, 2017
allergic rhinitis
by: Anonymous

I have severe allergic rhinitis. How much propolis (mg) should I take each day?

Angela's comments:

Try 2000 - 3000 mg per day. Also do a salt water sinus rinse several times per day. I recommend Nasaline.

May 06, 2015
H Pylori and Propolis
by: Veronika

I was diagnosed with a bad infection of H Pylori. I don't want to use antibiotics, I was told to use propolis. Will that help :(

Angela's comments:

Hi Veronika,
Sorry to hear that. Propolis is highly anti-bacterial meaning it might help kill the H Pylori. I don't know of any research on propolis against this strain but propolis has been shown to kill very strong forms of bacteria in studies. It might be worth a try.

Bee healthy,

Sep 05, 2013
Tonsil Cyst, Receding, Bleeding Gums, Infections
by: sarrah

Hi. I love this page it has give me so much insight in to beehive products. However i am in the UK and finding it difficult to find products that you recommend? The bottom line of my conditions are I have a very weak immune system and an Auto Immune problem. I have several infected root canals that i can't get to as it would mean me losing a lot of teeth and am only 34. However i believe this has strained my immune system and i am always weak and tired. I also have a long standing tonsil cyst that hurts and my gums bleed and are receding. I have on your advice started taking bee propolis tincture and diluting it on gums but its alcohol and 50% strong and i know its probably not as good as yours. With all that info would it be possible for you to come up with a product plan i can now order from you before i go to other companies? Comvita seem to be good but they never reply to messages. The main worry is immunity and my oral infections, teeth, gums and tonsils. I don't know whether propolis or pollen is the best. Thanks very much.

Angela's Comments:

Hi Sarrah,
You have some very serious concerns here. I would definitely recommend using a 20% water based propolis directly on your gums. I'd also recommend you begin taking a strong propolis internally for your immune system and gums.

If you are able too, I'd also highly recommend you begin taking a strong multi-nutrient supplement for women. This will help support your immune system and help get your energy levels up. I recommend the product MultiSmart which is available in our online store.

You might also consider taking bee pollen for extra immune support and additional nutrients. You'll need to be consistent with this protocol and give your body time to heal. You have some serious issues going on here and I would advise you to work with your doctor or dentist at the same time.

Some other tips for faster results:

1) Cut out all sugar at this time. Sugar suppresses the immune system.

2) Make sure you are flossing daily, brushing your teeth three times per day and using a good mouth wash daily.

3) Cut out all junk food, soda pop etc. Eat mainly fresh vegetables and protein like fish, chicken, lean beef.

4) If you can, begin juicing daily with fresh juices.

Hope that helps. If you follow this protocol, you will make a dramatic improvement in your health and vitality. If you need more assistance, contact me directly through Customer Support on our website. I'm happy to help you.

Bee healthy,

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