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How to Prevent Weight Gain During the Holidays

by Lorna Vanderhaeghe

Most of us gain on average 1.5 pounds over the month of December. It doesn’t sound like much until you multiply it by 10 years and you have easily gained 15 pounds. Over the last two decades North Americans have become a progressively fatter society. With each new fad diet our rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease have increased dramatically. According to the latest statistics over a third of our children aged 2 to 11 are overweight and of those, half could be considered obese. Knowing that diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers are directly linked to the amount of body fat we carry and the types of foods we eat, the prevalence of these diseases are expected to sky rocket. 

For all those who are desperately dieting the statistics show diets don't work. One year after dieting, 66 percent of people regain their weight; and after five years the figure rises to 97 percent. Simple lifestyle and diet changes provide the best results for a lifelong weight management strategy. 

Why Starving Doesn't Work

When we starve the body we lower our metabolism or in simpler terms we turn off our fat burning furnace. By seriously restricting calories, not eating breakfast and living on cottage cheese or drinking water instead of eating our body goes into conservation mode to protect you from starving. Most of us cannot keep this type of diet up for long and when we start eating again the body stores the food as fat to ensure that you have lots of fat for your next famine. This is a viscous cycle and trains the body to store food as fat. I am always concerned when I hear 110 pound, 18 year olds tell me they are not eating because they want to lose weight - these teens will become the future overweight fighting the battle of the bulge. You have to eat to lose weight.

8 Tips To Prevent Weight Gain

  1. Eat protein at every meal and eat only protein for breakfast - an egg, a chicken breast, a protein shake, protein powder in yogurt for example. To make it simple the piece of protein should be the size of your palm.
  2. Stop eating all white foods – white bread, white pasta, white sugar, white flour, white potatoes. If you have a doughy belly then stop eating all grains too. People lose weight fast when they eliminate grains from their diet – sometimes several pounds a week. Grains are starches that convert into sugars.
  3. Don’t drink fruit juice. You would never sit down and eat 8 apples at a time but when you drink a glass of apple juice, you drink the sugar and water of 8 apples without the fiber. Fruit juice disrupts blood sugar. 
  4. Eat dark green vegetables at lunch and dinner with a palm sized piece of protein. Eat a snack in between and make sure it is protein (like a piece of cheese).  Get a large ziplock freezer bag and fill it every morning with sugar snap peas, broccoli, celery sticks, carrots and more. 
  5. Eat vegetables throughout the day – your blood sugar will be balanced and you will never feel hungry. Fast weight loss happens when you eat 5 cups of vegetables a day.
  6. Drink water flavoured with ginger or fresh lemon. Drink herbal teas throughout the day or flavored water with green coffee bean extract.
  7. Add two clinically researched nutritional supplements, Glucosmart and CLA Plus, to super charge weight loss and bust belly fat.
  8. Read my book A Smart Woman’s Guide to Weight Loss (which is also for men and our children).

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