Too much too soon cause hormone imbalance in men?

by sherri

My husband started taking 1 tsp. bee pollen granules on wednesday. By friday he was not himself.....very shut down on one hand and then emotional on the next. Was becoming very depressed....even thinking of suicide.
My husband is normally very easy going and is nothing like the person I was seeing. The only difference with him...he started bee pollen and maca powder. I know bee pollen has hormones and I really feel as though it might be the problem. I think he would of done better starting off slower...2 to 3 granules and building from there.
Can you please tell me if I'm on the right track or not?
Thank you so much for all your help.

Hi Sherri,
First things first - have him stop taking the bee pollen to see if his symptoms subside. If his mood continues in this manner, please get him some professional help. I have never encountered such symptoms but to be safe, stop both products immediately. Maca is more of a hormonal tonic than bee pollen so if there is a hormone issue, it would be the maca.

Please post back here and let me know how he responds.


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Jul 26, 2017
With meals or without meals for bee pollen
by: Anonymous

Hi should I take bee pollen with meals or between meals?

Angela's comments:

It's really up to you. There is no benefit to either.

Aug 25, 2016
Maca messed up my hormones
by: Meredith

Perhaps it was the combination seeing as how eliminating one helped. I would wonder if your husband only took bee pollen if he would also be good. I took maca powder and it gave me horrible acne and a sexual energy that was out of character. The surge went away, but the acne took awhile to clear up.

May 07, 2016
update on Husband taking bee pollen
by: Anonymous


So sorry I haven't responded sooner, so much happened in that time and I completely forgot to update.

My husband stopped taking the bee pollen and all his symptoms stopped. He continued with the maca without further issues.

Some people are more sensitive to foods, supplements, herbs, etc. the others. I now know that in the future to ease into any food or supplement that is not normally part of your diet.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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