The ultimate method for healing gums with propolis

by James G.
(Golden, CO)

Hi again everyone. I have been experimenting further with propolis for gum health, and have finally, after many different experiments, come up with a total winner.

You may have read my other post about heating up propolis with olive oil and adding other ingredients. I have since abandoned all experiments involving heating propolis, as it just absolutely sticks to everything. Not only that, but I needed a way to really get the propolis and myrrh where they needed to be, consistently, and to never have to worry about staining my teeth or making any messes. I have finally succeeded!

Here is my recipe, which I can heartily recommend as what may be the ultimate way to apply propolis topically to gum tissue.


- Water based propolis liquid extract 3 droppers full (I used Brazilian, from Stakich on but it looks like the tinctures available here are fabulous)

- Myrrh essential oil 25 drops
Borage Oil 4 1000 mg softgels, broken open and squeezed

- Vitamin E 5 400 mg softgels broken open and squeezed

- Emu Oil about 1/3 teaspoon (must be food grade, see my other post, it has the page address)

To make this is extremely simple. Take a small glass jar with a lid (I use 4 oz. jelly jars, with a mason jar lid, but a 2 oz. jar would be even better) and begin by puncturing four 1000 mg Borage Oil softgels at the tip and squeezing all of the oil into the jar. Next add the vitamin E the same way, and then add the emu oil. Using a glass stirring rod or the blunt, narrow end of a clean spoon, stir these three ingredients a few times. Now add 25 drops myrrh essential oil (do not use tinctures, use essential oil - we don't want any alcohol in this mixture - I have found that my gums don't like alcohol and it irritates them - especially because this formula is designed to be used twice a day, every day). Finally add 3 droppers full of water based (not alcohol tincture) liquid propolis extract. You can use more if you wish. I will probably bump up the amount of propolis, 1 dropper full at a time until it's up to perhaps 5 droppers full. Now stir everything well with your same stirring rod or spoon tip, or any narrow, clean implement.

That's it. To use, don't dip your fingers into the mix, take a clean teaspoon each time and get about the size of a dime's worth in the spoon. Now take your fingers and dip them into the mix in the spoon and apply liberally to your gums. Be sure to get the undersides as well. I have found that my index fingers work perfectly for my upper outer, upper lower, and inner lower, and that my thumb works perfectly for my inner upper gums. Try to apply this after brushing when you won't be drinking anything for a little while, so as to allow it to penetrate. Both borage oil and emu oil penetrate through the layers of the dermis, and they carry whatever they are mixed with through all of those layers. So in this way you are getting propolis and myrrh deep into the gum tissues, along with vitamin E, emu oil, and borage oil, all of which are skin miracles in and of themselves. Be sure to apply this right before bed as well. After a few days you'll be amazed at the results. The propolis tastes strong, but I've come to like it, and I don't mind because of what it's doing for my gum health.

Finally, just to add the rest of my protocols:

Twice a day brushing with a sonicare flexcare plus with gum care setting using epic dentail 25% xylitol toothpaste.

Twice a day oral irrigation using a hydrofloss brand oral irrigator (superb!).

Twice a day applying the above mixture

Lots of cardio exercise for circulation.

Lots of greens and fruits and veggies.

Using epic dental xylitol gum and mints after meals.

Eating/consuming propolis and myrrh every day in various forms (I'll post another page soon about my ultimate mixture of black cumin seed, honey and propolis which I eat every day)

Happy Smiling


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Jan 29, 2023
Propolis for gums recipe
by: Anonymous

I am allergic to Vit E. Can I skip it?

Angela's comments:


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