Should I still take my multi-vitamin when taking bee pollen?

by Debb Green
(United States)

When I start taking the bee pollen do I still need to take vitamins. I take centrum silver. I also take vitamin B complex with B12 and omega 3 and calcium with vitamin D. I'm 50 years old. I am pretty healthy too.

Angela's Comments:

Great question! The answer to your question is depends on you. Personally, I recommend that people still take their multi vitamins as the nutrient content of bee pollen can really vary from supplier to supplier and even batch to batch due to many variables like the vegetation in the area of the hives, geography and time of year. With the majority of us consuming a processed diet we are still quiet deficient in many vitamins and minerals so a multi becomes even more important for optimal health. As a 50 year old women, I would recommend you continue with your Omega 3 oils and the extra calcium supplement you are taking. Try to use a calcium that is a citrate based product (calcium citrate) and it is a good idea for it to contain magnesium and vitamin D. If you have energy (lack of) issues or a history of heart disease or dimentia/alzheimers, I'd recommend you continue to take the B Complex as well.

Centrum vitamins are quite basic. If your budget allows it, I'd recommend you try using a high end, women's specific vitamin & mineral pack such as FemmeEssentials or Multismart by Lorna Vanderhaeghe.

If you are concerned about bone loss (like many women your age), I'd suggest using some Royal Jelly as well as it enhances your ability to absorb calcium.

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