Shamanic Update - Quick new formula and easy method for healthy gums!

by James Galusha
(Golden, CO)

Hello again everyone!

It's been a while since I posted here. I have further refined my gum treatments, and let me tell you, I have achieved total success! My gums are pink and healthy, and are definitely not receding anymore. And my dentist has told me that over half of the pocket depths in my gums have improved quite significantly (i.e. 4's have become 3's, 3's have become 2's, etc.)!

Here's the super easy, quick way to heal your gums in four easy steps:

1) Take raw propolis chunks (you can buy it by the pound on and consume at least one teaspoon or more every day in some way. I add mine to a dry herb formula for my eyes, as this makes it quite easy to ingest, rather than trying to eat it by itself. Much too sticky for this, and unnecessary. If you don't want to mess with all of that, just put it in capsules. You can take the block of propolis (mine came in one huge chunk), tilt it on it's side and simply "shave" off pieces with a semi-sharp knife and let the pieces fall onto a plate. Then put the pieces into capsules. Exact dosing isn't that important. What's important is to ingest it regularly, every day if possible.

2) Buy an oral irrigator. My highest recommendation is the hydrofloss. You can use it with plain tap water, or you can add herbal tea to the reservoir. Be aware that if you do this, you must strain the tea through a pillowcase or something like that to remove all of the solids so it doesn't clog your lovely device. Also be aware that over time the tea will stain the water hose and the valve. But this is strictly cosmetic. If you are sure to remove all solids before adding the tea to the reservoir, you'll never have a problem. I've done it dozens of times and my unit works like a champ. So, you can floss your teeth with any herb you want in this way! Goldenseal root, barberry, mints, and a long list of other infection fighting herbs can be used in this way. Do not use essential oils and oil will damage an oral irrigator. But the teas can be made as strong or as weak as you like, and you are blasting powerful infection killing herbs into your gum tissue at 60 psi! Fantastic results can be expected.

3) Buy a Phillips Sonicare Flexcare "Gumcare" model. This is the one that has a "gumcare" mode. It adds a routine of 15 seconds of reduced speed vibrational contact to the each quadrant of the gums. This will make such a difference over time you won't believe it. Essential. Bonus: You can also (occasionally) add (very diluted!) essential oils when brushing. For example, I wet the toothbrush head, add Epic Dental 25% xylitol flouride free toothpaste, and then sometimes I'll add a drop or two of essential oil that is very diluted (make your own in a dropper bottle) on top of the toothpaste before I begin brushing. I have used cinnamon oil (super nice), peppermint oil, tea tree oil etc. Be sure that you only use around 1% oil to water ratio or it can be too much. Especially with cinnamon oil. But cinnamon oil is one of the most potent anti fungal agents known. It will leave your mouth feeling awesome!

4) Finally, the topper. After each brushing, apply the following mixture directly to gums and even lips if desired: Equal parts of Propolis Alcohol Free tincture, borage oil, emu oil (make sure it's food grade), myrrh oil, and Vitamin E.

Simply place roughly equal amounts (with possibly a higher content of propolis if desired) of these ingredients in a small container and keep in fridge. To use take a teaspoon and dip out about 1/3 teaspoon and spread it all over your gums - top, bottom, inside and outside. It will taste a bit intense but will absorb within minutes. The emu oil and borage oil are super skin healers, but they are also powerful penetrants. They will penetrate the gum tissue and take the rest of the ingredients with them as they do. They also help to get the good medicines into the tissues before all of the moisture in the mouth washes them away. To add the borage and E, just pierce the gel caps and squeeze the oils into the mix.

If you follow all of these protocols, you will almost certainly have the same spectacular results I am having. My gum problems are over for good. And it's really not that much money, especially compared to dental bills. Heck, I went through the root planing and scraping procedure for periodontal disease, and each time that cost me around $1300! $2600 will buy a lot of herbs, oils and home dental care devices!

Well folks, there you have it. This will likely be my last post here, as I have been refining my methods for several years. I have reached a point where no further experimentation is necessary, and I am enjoying what we all are striving for: RESULTS. Yay!

Blessings and Great Success To You All

Shamanic Dream

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