Royal jelly temporary allergic reaction?

I am 37 and started using fresh RJ for the first time, I though it could help to boost my fertility.

I used the little spoon for dosage and placed it under the tongue. Immediately after this I start coughing, my throat seemed irritated. This lasted only 5 second, than I was normal again. The same thing happened the next day.

Never have I had any allergies or reactions to any kind of food. Apart from the immediate but very short reaction I do not see other side effects. Is it safe for me to continue?

thanks very much

Angela's comments:

This sounds to me like you're definitely having an allergic reaction and you should either stop consuming it or attempt, with the care of a health care practitioner, to safely re-introduce yourself to it. This is done by taking very, very tiny amounts of royal jelly over many days and gradually increasing, if you tolerate it well. You may develop a tolerance for the royal jelly over time, or you may not.

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