Royal Jelly for Bone Health

Angela, CNP

A group of Japanese scientists hypothesized that Royal Jelly may have beneficial effects on osteoporosis.

After conducting a study on both rats and in a test tube, the doctors found that Royal Jelly may prevent osteoporosis by enhancing intestinal calcium absorption.   Basically, it helps you absorb more dietary calcium into your system.  Calcium is a tough mineral to absorb - much of it passes through your intestinal tract and ends up in the toilet.   So if Royal Jelly can increase your ability to absorb calcium, this would make it an effective preventative aid for osteoporosis, according to the scientists.

It makes a lot of sense to supplement with Royal Jelly along with your calcium and vitamin D if you are suffering from osteoporosis or have a history of it in your family. According to this study, RJ will enhance your body's ability to absorb the calcium and in turn deposit it in your bone structure. 

Royal Jelly Stimulates Bone formation

A group of researchers in Japan fed Royal Jelly to mice for nine weeks and found that it not only increased the content of certain important bone building minerals and nutrients such as collagen in the rat's bones, but it also 'turned on' their bone building genes. In essence, the RJ told their bodies to 'build more bone.'

This sure is promising for those who have concerns with osteoporosis or osteopenia, both preventing or treating it. I recommend taking four 1000 mg capsules a day to promote bone health as well as other royal jelly health benefits.

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