Reaction to bee pollen I have been taking for 2 months without any previous problems

I have been taking local bee pollen for two months now. I initially read on your site that you recommend starting out with a few granules and slowly building up from there. I did this over a period of three weeks until I got up to 1 Tbsp a day with food. I have just started on my third bottle of granules, and I am experiencing terrible nausea within 10 minutes of taking it, and it lasts for a couple of hours or more. I take it after eating a big breakfast. I did notice that the last two bottles of granules were all pretty much yellow. (I'm in New Mexico, so the variety of plants the bees collect from is pretty much alfalfa or clover, and that's it.) The new bottle that I opened has lots more reddish colored granules, maybe because it's summer now and the bees have more variety. These three bottles are all from the same local company.

I have tried taking the bee pollen for three days now, and each time I am being tortured with the same reaction. I am frustrated because I finally found something that really helps the chronic fatigue I have struggled with for 19 years, and now my body is rejecting it. If I am having an adverse reaction with the urge to vomit, it doesn't make sense to me to start all over again with a few granules slowly building up again to 1 Tbsp. FYI, I am not taking any medications. Also, there is basically no pollution where I live. It is 7000 feet here, and a very thinly populated area. What do you recommend?

Thank you!

We do tend to see issues such as this every year as the pollens change. You are not the first to contact me regarding nausea and bee pollen. And this is with experienced users of pollen who have had no previous issues. So you are not alone! What we've done in the past is have the user start over with their desensitization process. I know you mentioned not thinking this is necessary, but you pointed out that the colors of your pollen are more red now. This suggests to me that you are ingesting different pollens with this new batch and are in fact allergically reacting to them. Start out with a few granules and work you way back up to a full tablespoon. If you continue to experience the nausea despite this process, I'd suggest trying a different brand of bee pollen before discontinuing its use.

You may also want to consider using some royal jelly for your chronic fatigue issue or perhaps some bee propolis. Both have shown in studies to enhance vitality and well being.

Let me know how you make out or if you have any more questions/comments.

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