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Nov 30, 2013
by: Steve

well I've been regularly taking bee pollen for the past two weeks. Roughly 1-3 tsp per day with no negative responses. Quite the opposite actually I've never felt better. I have adjusted a few other aspects of my life but I believe the pollen has contributed to my new over all well beeing (tee-hee).

Today I spilled a bunch of pollen on the counter while setting myself up with my morning dose and proceeded to just add the spill to my dose which became about 5 teaspoons. Oops!
I almost immediately became very ill, I had to poop immediately and had serious cramping. It quite literally may have been my worse stomach ache ever. My face got hot and my skin became flushed. Light, sound, thoughts and every fabric in my house made me more nauseous I puked shortly after going to the bathroom and the purges were violent to say the least. I went and layed down for a bit, drank some water, felt slightly better but kept getting the stomach cramping and some lower intestinal action.

I did not expect the final phase. (I feel great now!) lol. I'm sharing this just in case someone else experiences it. You are not alone!...ok...I pooped in my pants a little. It was diahrea. Haven't done that since I was 10 or 11 it was quite the surprise. The bee pollen within 25 minutes forced me to evacuate from both ends.

Like I said I feel phenomenal now! just a little startled...luckily the roommates aren't home.

Steve ^_^

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