raw honey and bee pollen mild reaction

by Ivan
(Ellijay Ga)

Recently I ate too much raw honey over a few days and also consumed few teaspoons of bee pollen developing mild reaction to bee products. I have been frequently clearing my throat to get rid of the tickle.. It is quite possible that the raw honey and bee pollen I bought came from an area where farmers use pesticides and insecticides to protect their crops. My question is, relaying on your vast experience, if I switch to raw honey and bee pollen from pristine uncontaminated areas by pesticides would that help or remove my mild allergy which is quite annoying. I hate to think that I have all of a sudden developed an allergy to bee products because I love honey and I appreciate the health benefits it provides.. Thank you for your help. Ivan

Angela's comments:

Hi Ivan. It is likely the unique pollens found in both the bee pollen and the honey that is causing an immune response for you. I'd suggest stopping for a few days to see if your symptoms disappear. As for whether consuming honey and pollen from unpolluted sources would help reduce your symptoms, this is very hard to say. If you can find products that meet these standards, it is only beneficial. I would caution you in that it is very unlikely that you'll find products that are untouched by man made chemicals anymore. Hope this helps!

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