Rash on breast after taking royal jelly with bee pollen in honey

by Rachel
(Denver, CO. USA)

Hi There,

I recently began taking fresh royal jelly with bee pollen in honey twice a day during my cycle. After ovulation I noticed a red rash on my left breast after getting out of the shower. It seemed to fade some after a couple hours, but was still there the next day. (Ihad stopped taking the royal jelly a day or two before.) By the next day when I woke it was all but gone. However, I woke early the following day and had a cup of tea with regular honey and then took a shower. After the shower, I noticed I itched all over and if I scratched anywhere it would become red and inflamed. I have no known allergy to bee products and have used honey all my life and have added bee pollen to my smoothies in the past with no issues. Can you become allergic at anytime? And could the royal jelly be activating or indicating an underlying issue with my breast tissue? I hear women who have certain breast cancers shouldn't use royal jelly.


Hi Rachel,
I would recommend you stop taking all bee product's for one to two weeks. If the rash stops occurring, add one product per week back into your diet. (if the rash doesn't stop you know it is likely being caused by something else) Observe if any symptoms return and with which product you most recently added.

As for if the royal jelly could be activating or indicating an underlying issue with your breast tissue, this is difficult to say. Royal jelly is a hormonal tonic and it could be alternating your hormone levels which could be causing a reaction but until you stop taking it for a while and re-introduce, you won't know.

Hope that helps,

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Jan 20, 2013
Re-introduced royal jelly and rash came back
by: Anonymous

Hello Again,

Well it has been some months since I stopped taking the royal jelly and really any bee product. When I stopped the rash went away. Well today, I thought I'd try just taking 1/2 a teaspoon to see if I was just taking too much before (was taking 1 large tablespoon daily) and about an hour later a small rash appeared on my left breast. It is in the same spot as before. Above the nipple area, near the armpit. My husband thinks he may see another small patch of rash on my upper left shoulder blade and I think I am starting to itch in other random places, but not sure if I am imagining it. (It's winter so my skin is dry and a little itchy all the time). I did have a mastitis in the breast showing the red patch and I have been through ivf procedures with hormones, (i took estrogen pills and estrogen patches and never got a rash with ivf). Could the royal jelly be healing the breast or could I be allergic due to ivf hormones used in the past?


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