Propolis to treat gum recession?

I have receding gums and have read that bee propolis can regenerate gum tissue.

Is this true?

How should this be accomplished. I have started taking been propolis extract in water internally.

Does it need to be applied topically as well?

Thank you,

Angela's Comments:

Hi Z,
Yes, it is best to apply the propolis directly to the area you are trying to heal. This is done by either rubbing the tincture to the area with a finger or by chewing raw propolis chunks. Propolis taken internally will still aid in your gum health but it has been my experience that the process is faster with topical application.

Bee healthy,

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Oct 21, 2018
full strength
by: Anonymous

Hi Angela ! I ordered a glycerin based tincture before i found your website :( It doesn't have a
"percentage" amount, it just says 167 mg of propolis per 25 drops. the only other ingredient is glycerin. How do i use this topically? will it stain? thanks so much !

Feb 06, 2015
Just purchased
by: Mario

Hi Angela,

I just purchases the 20% tincture. I was wondering if taken internally, how many drops would be appropriate to add? 1-2, 3-4, or the whole droplet? Thank you very much.

Hi Mario,
10 drops is a good place to start. You can increase from there.


Sep 01, 2013
Response to comment regarding gum recession of 11 year old son
by: Dana

I know that internal is the best way. But not sure if he will like it. What are the 2 product to use....both internally and topically...can you please provide the links to the products. I really want to avoid the gum graft. Thank you for all of your help.

Angela's comments:

Internally, you can use pills, powder or tincture. The best way to do it with him will be to mix whichever you choose into some honey. The honey covers up the taste and texture very well.

Topically you'll need to use a 20% Water based tincture. You can find it here:

This page has all of our propolis products on it:

Hope that helps.

Aug 29, 2013
11 year old with receding gum
by: Dana

My 11 year old son has early stage gum recession on his lower front tooth. Would bee propolis be okay for him. No allergies. If so how much and how often? Thank you!

Angela's comments:

Propolis is well tolerated by most people (side effects are quite rare). So it likely that propolis is okay for him. As always, start with very small amounts to determine tolerance.

Are you considering giving him propolis internally or are you planning on applying it topically? If topically, apply it to the gums at least twice per day and rub it in gently.

Bee healthy,

May 11, 2013
Treatment instructions
by: BRS


I have purchased the 20% water solution. Could you give treatment instructions for receding gums? How often should I rub it on the gums? For how long? How long should it be before I see some results?

Thank you!

At least twice a day until the propolis is absorbed into the gums. Everyone is different but results are often seen around the two week point with consistent application.

Bee healthy,

Feb 19, 2013
Propolis for gums
by: Anonymous

I to have this problem I have started using the bee propolis 30% tincture as a mouth gargle with water. Will applying it directly to the gumline and leaving it on overnight stain the teeth?

Angela's Comments:

A 30% tincture might stain in time if you leave it on over night. Try rubbing it into the gum line after rinsing.


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