Propolis for tooth cavity & infection

by Brittney
(Grand Rapids, MI, USA)

Hello Angela,

About a week ago I began having pain in my tooth that caused my jaw to be sore, a headache, earaches, and irritability due to the pain. I do not believe in western medicine so I try to always take a holistic and organic approach. The pain was very persistent and seemed to worsen daily, so I made an appointment with my dentist. The dentist told me that I have a cavity that has become infected and is deep. Leading to my gums and told me to be careful of the infection getting into my bloodstream. The dentist recommended an antibiotic and also either a root canal or extracting the tooth.

I then began researching different holistic remedies and came across Propolis. I contacted my local harvest health and they recommended the NoW band of Propolis Plus Extract. It contains licorice, forsythia & Slippery Elm, Echinacea & Cloves (with a few other ingredients). It is water, Grain Alcohol (20%), Vegetable Glycerin & Cherry Juice Concentrate. Is this band beneficial for healing my tooth cavity & infection? Please let me know your recommendations.

I have used this brand for two days now and have had results in reducing the pain and discomfort. Although, the pain is not 100% gone. About how long should I take it before the pain is 100% eliminated? Also, how do I know that it is clearing the infection and that the infection is completely diminished?

Also, if I am taking Propolis and Collagen would I still have to get either a root canal or the tooth extracted? Are there other options that I can do to repair the tooth and strengthen my teeth to cure & prevent cavities and infections?

I look forward in Your response.

Thank you


Angela's comments:

Yes Brittany, I would expect this product to be of benefit to your teeth. I would expect you to have to take it for several weeks to ensure that the infection is completely gone although you'll need your dentist to tell you this with certainty (whether it is gone or not). As for whether or not you'll have to get a root canal, this is not something I can say for sure. I have read of cases whereby propolis did prevent a root canal from having to be done so it has been done. As for strengthening your teeth and your immune system I'd recommend you take high doses of Vitamin C, 2 - 5 grams per day until the infection is gone.

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Jul 19, 2023
Hi Brittney
by: Kristin

I just had pretty much the same symptoms you had with excruciating pain. First thing I started a water-fast. Right away the pain began to disappear. After 48 hours the pain in the cheek and jaw was gone but my wisdom tooth started to hurt. When I went to the dentist he saw an infection at the root of the tooth and prescribed penicillin. I will look for the product you mentioned with propolis, echinacea, slippery elm and cloves. I also will take at least 1.5 g of Vitamin C daily, like Angela recommended (I have read that the body doesn’t absorb more than 2 g in a day) I think if we eat healthy and take those natural antibiotics we should be able to fight an infection. Thank you all for sharing! Blessings!

Mar 17, 2022
How about Colostrum
by: Carol Muir

I thought you could add colostrum to your regime for the tooth cavity and infection. Colostrum is good for the immune system and dental health.

May 08, 2021
by: Anonymous

I would strongly suggest you to use atomy bee propolis toothpaste, it heals mine too and now am relief from all the pain. Contact me personally my fb is Ann Dee Amaw

Apr 05, 2018
by: Joe

Brittany, did you end up healing the cavity or did you get the root canal?

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