Propolis for Gum Disease and Bone Density

by Janet
(Conroe, Texas)

Why is there water based or the alcohol based propolis?

Which propolis should be taken for your gums?

I am diagnosed with Multiple Schelrosis since 1999. Currently am on a daily injection of a drug called Copoxane... wondering if there is any benefits to taking Propolis for MS?

Last... which propolis for helping with Bone Density?

Thank You!

The reason for both a water and alcohol based propolis tincture is that some want to avoid alcohol. For gum health, use the water based tincture on directly on your gums. See below some information on propolis and bone disease:

Propolis May Help Treat Bone Diseases

Another health benefit of propolis appears to be that it helps to build and maintain healthy bone tissue.

Scientists recently investigated whether Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester, a very powerful compound found in propolis, could halt or reverse osteolytic bone diseases.

The scientists found that this compound in propolis was very effective at suppressing the inflammatory compounds that cause these bone diseases and even suggested propolis might be a potential treatment for bone wasting diseases.

If you're suffering from bone density loss or have a history of it in your family, taking a daily dose of propolis appears to be a very wise thing to do!

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