Propolis tincture dosage?

by Maria Mora
(Clarkston, Georgia. USA)

I take about 10-12 drops of Propolis tincture in a teaspoon of honey. Is that Ok?

Angela's Comments:

This is a very common dose used by many propolis users around the world. It is a bit on the high end but as long as you don't have any signs or symptoms that you are taking to much, then this dose is probably good for you. I do suggest taking some time off all supplements at some point. For example, only take your propolis 5 days a week OR take it for 3 weeks and then one week off.


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Bee Propolis Dosage Recommendations

by Mable

How much bee propolis should you take for conditions such as pancreatic cancer and elevated cholesterol?

Angela's Response:

First of all, those are very serious medical conditions that you are facing. I would first recommend you work with a Naturopathic Doctor and not attempt to treat these conditions on your own. While propolis has shown promise in studies against pancreatic cancer cells in test tubes, the exact dosage taken is not known nor were these studies done on humans.

See the study below:

Propolis Inhibits Pancreatic Cancer Cells

There weren't a lot of details included with this study, but as reported in the Journal of Natural Products on July 2, 2009, a group of scientists found that propolis was able to inhibit human pancreatic cancer cells under nutrient-deprived conditions.

The scientists found that one particular compound in propolis exhibited the most potent cytotoxicity in a concentration and time-dependent manner. (what that means is that the more of the compound they used and the longer they exposed it to the cancer cells, the better the results they obtained)

It was also found that another compound in propolis induced apoptosis-like (programmed cell death) changes of pancreatic cancer cells within 24 h of treatment. Essentially, the bee propolis caused the cancer cells to 'self destruct.'

Of the dozens of bee propolis health benefits, this particular capability just may be the most exciting of all as pancreatic cancer has very low rates of survivorship. It is very difficult to treat and standard chemotherapy treatments are not effective in most cases.

Propolis has also shown promise in animal studies in keeping cholesterol levels down. Again, the exact dosage is not known but I suspect it is quite high. I would try taking 2 - 3 full droppers of a raw, propolis tincture per day and monitor your cholesterol levels with your doctor.

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Propolis dosage recommendation

by Kathy
(St. Paul, MN)

Are bee pollen and propolis the same thing? I see recommended doses for bee pollen, but not for propolis. Are the doses given for bee pollen equivalent to propolis?

Hi Kathy,
No, bee pollen and propolis are not the same. Very different in fact. If you need a recommendation on a propolis dosage, post it here and I'll make a recommendation for you.

Bee healthy,

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