Post-Menopause (Royal Jelly)

by Brigadoon

I am "post-menopause" - I used to take Premium & Progesterone for many years and went through Menopause with no side effects - not even a hot flash (I also took lots of bee pollen & royal Jelly).

My doctor took me off the hormones (I kept up with the Royal Jelly, & bee pollen). and for a long time I was just fine - then just this year everything went to pot - I gained weight around my middle and no matter what I did I could not get it off. My skin is dehydrated and starting to wrinkle. My hair seems thinner and not has shinny.

I tried plant hormones and had a super bad reaction - so that doesn't work for me. I tried Flax seed only to have it blot my middle more. so that doesn't work for me - and don't even mention soy –( that is the next asbestos and is super bad for you. I don't take anything from soy.)

My question is - how much Royal Jelly (and which kind fresh or powdered or both) do I need to take to get my hormones working so my body can start making estrogen again????

I know that once you go through menopause the ovaries stop making estrogen and the body puts fat in the belly so it can make estrogen from that fat - that's why you can't loose that type of belly fat.

Angela's Comments:

Hi Brigadoon,
I would recommend a few things for you:

1. Take 2 full tablespoons of raw royal jelly per day or half of this if you are using our powdered concentrate. After one month if this isn't working, increase this amount.

2. Take 4 capsules of EstroSmart per day

3. Ask your Doctor for Prometrium - this is a bio-identical progesterone.

4. Take a teaspoon a day of GLA Skin oil for your skin. Post menopausal women can't make GLA anymore so that is why your skin is drying out.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Aug 29, 2020
Taking Royal Jelly whole on HRT
by: Irma Hidalgo

Hello, I am 50 and had my ovaries removed in October of 2019. I got really bad menopause symptoms and was put in HRT bioidentical estrogen (estradiol) by my doctor. I am on a patch. It helped my symptoms a lot but finding that I get slumps of having symptoms again, not as bad but I do get them. Someone recommended taking royal jelly but want sure if I if I could take royal jelly while I am taking HRT. I still can’t sleep completely well, I feel fatigue, harder to lose weight, my skin is dry, anxiety, and emotional at times. If you could let me know if I could take royal jelly while on HRT and also what other products could help with my symptoms. Thank you

Jul 10, 2016
Royal Jelly info and safety
by: Susan T

Does royal jelly contain Bee estrogen or does it help your body make its own?...also is there any risk of influencing cancerous cell growth in breast tissue?

Susan T

Royal Jelly doesn't contain estrogen but it can be mildly estrogenic, meaning it promotes estrogen production. As for promoting cancer cell growth, there is no evidence of this but if you suffer from an estrogen based cancer, I would avoid royal jelly to be on the safe side.


May 30, 2011
GLA oil
by: theresa

hi all

It is available here: And yes, it would work very well for a lady on hormone replacement.


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