Post-Menopause and beyond with Bee Magic

by Brigadoon

The story begins several years ago: At one time we had skin products that the collagen was derived from Bovine or chicken combs. Those very products kept a persons skin looking as if someone had given it a big drink of water and full of glowing youth.

Then came the "plant age" all of sudden every cosmetic & skin care company jumped on that ride and - "poof" - we became plants!! (the last time I looked we did not sprout leaves or live outside)

Sure plants have their place - but hardly on our skin - and the cells in our bodies are saying "you want me to do what with this plant product?- where is my bovine collagen to build the amino acids etc, etc, I need to recreate your Bones, Hyaluronic acid to support connective tissue, skin, & hormones"!!

Soon after this Plant age was tossed on us (telling us collagen from bovine was bad for us) Women's hormones went to pot in a hand basket -

And we allll started searching for products at the cosmetic dept's, & health food stores etc that would continue keeping us youthful as our bovine products did - only to find the plant products of many many many purchases only lined the pockets of the retailers and did not work.

(our cells were setting back saying "wow why can't they figure this out - plants don't match our needs" - and our cells were screaming to be replenished every single day)

Our cells tried to communicate with us - tossing everything from "hot flashes" to what ever else they could find - but we were not listing

And to make it worse - our doctors threw up their hands and said "Ok we no longer can give women bovine hormones - what can we give them?"

A plant knocked on the doctors front door and said "hay even though our cell structure is opposite from the mammal (human) cell structure - try us and hope for the best."

As women all over the country tried "bio-identical-hormones" and found very very little relief if any at all and even some had major reactions to them and were taken off of them (we hear very little about that - because the plant age doesn't want you to know the truth).

Then came the POST-menopausal woman - and she screamed "what has happened to my skin, my hair, etc, etc, and I feel like a dark cloud has moved into my house - where is the sunshine I was supposed to feel inside and the "Woman of incredible essence that I have earned the passage to feel?"

The plant age said "hay I was only trying to fool your hormones into thinking they were ok - no one told you I would protect the quality of life, skin, bones or anything else"!!

OK - so now we finally know the truth - Collagen by any other name is NOT what our genes and hormones recognize nor want.

A long time ago I did a study (for myself and clients) on the products from the bee hive and found that Bee pollen granules along with Royal Jelly - is perfect for our hormones - and the cells do understand how to really use them.

You say - oh but bees gather the pollen from flowers - so isn't that a plant? - the simple answer is - no it's not a plant:

When the bee gathers the pollen - it digests the pollen and the product " becomes animal substance amino acids, enzymes, and along with every hormone and more that a human body and cells can use" Yeeppp skippy for our little bee buddy!!

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