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Is there any such thing as organic or certified organic raw honey and if so is there a big difference than regular raw honey and how much is the shipping from Canada to Florida because I am interested in ordering some Dutchman products.

Angela's Response:

Great question. This is a tough one to answer. Yes, it is possible to obtain certified organic raw honey. Our products are not certified organic. I have my reservations about the many organic claims out there on the raw honey market as it is universally accepted that no part of the earth remains untouched by man's chemicals. Combine this with the fact that you are not truly able to control where bees fly and it becomes difficult for me to comprehend how a raw honey product can be truly organic. In theory, if you were able to own and 100% control all of the land around your hives and not use any chemicals, then it is possible to obtain a truly organic product. But, winds blow and carry pollutants etc over organic fields just as they do over non-organic fields so it is ever truly organic? Is the premium price worth it? I wish the reality was different as I am a huge proponent of organic farming and organic foods. But it is difficult, if not impossible to control all of the variables involved in raw honey production. Our honey is tested for any residues of insecticides or pesticides down to parts per billion. We can verify that it doesn't contain any chemicals. We do these tests because we are honest in that we don't control all of the fields around our hives so we don't know if they are organic or not. I hope this sheds some light on the issue for you.

Email me at customer service for shipping quotes to Florida.

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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