Noel Johnson an amazing true story.

by charles baxter

My name is Charles Baxter and I'm an independent reseqarch analyst of Superfood products.Its hard to dispute an Award from the President of the United States. I'm in search of the 2 or 3 Holy Grails of Superfoods and his story being fact is undisputable about the potential effects of Bee Pollen. To make a comeback from near death at 70 is difficult enough but to become a superman, world champion is almost behond belief. I'm surprised more people never got wind of this guys accomplishments. I'm 52 and in good health however I'm working 84 hours per week on the overnight shift so I'm looking for the best of the best to sustain
my well being. I'm gonna shoot for 150 with this Bee Pollen miracle. Green foods is my other big topic of interest. I'm already sold on the Hawaiin Spirulina product,no doubt its way up there amongst the best. They make use of an entire Island in a pristine Biosecure zone. They place a pipeline 2000 feet beneath the Ocean to draw in mineral rich water from Biblical times to their farm and have perfected the little green pill for 25 years. The Youtube video is worth a thousand words. This type of Spirilina is way behond what the average person knows and there giving it away as far as price goes.. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to maintain a healthy existance. Looking forward to speaking with you and learning as much as I can about Bee Pollen.

tks for your time!

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