Living on nothing but Bee pollen?

by Dwayne wayne
(Atlanta, Ga)

Hello angela. My question is, if i wanted to consume water and bee pollen would that be sufficient to maintain life? Im trying to only consume bee pollen daily and rid my body of food. I have been taking 6 table spoons and drink water with it but as my stomach growls due to hunger i know that my body is hungry yet doesn't need food because of the high nutrience in bee pollen. Im asking this question because i dont want to fall out or so because of a descision that could of been diverted, im trying to go foodless or fast for a month then hopefully a year and so on. Thank you for your time.

Angela's Comments:

Hi Dwayne,
This is a complicated question. Yes, bee pollen is very nutrient dense and you could likely sustain yourself for a significant amount of time eating just bee pollen. However, I can't say that one would thrive eating only bee pollen. I feel that a varied, healthy diet consisting of organic, whole foods is best. Now, that being said it sounds like you've made up your mind that you're going to try this. I would suggest you work with a health professional while fasting for longer periods. The instances I know of where people lived on bee pollen and thrived had blood tests done through out the fast to ensure their health was in fact improving and not the contrary.

I would highly recommend you read this article about one such person:

This person was eating upwards of 20 tablespoons per day of bee pollen.

Good luck and let me know how your fasting goes. I'd love to report on it to our readers.


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Jan 05, 2020
Take care
by: Anonymous

Although it might be possible to live only on bee pollen and water, you would eventually still die due to low caloric intake if you dont have enough. Please be carefull and check how much your body requires in calories and take the same amount (or a bit less for weight loss up too 500). Muscles and the brain needs fuel.

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