Liquid propolis to clear skin of cancerous growths

by Sam Crowe
(Caruthersville, Missouri 63830)

Apply liquid propolis to cancer growth, cover with gauze and tape(or band aid), apply daily, and change bandage covering.

This method has worked twice so far in two different persons---one, my father-in-law; the other, a middle-aged lady in our church choir brave enough to let me try it on her.

Facial skin returned to normal after treatment for only a few weeks...clear and white.

Sam Crowe

I am a professional beekeeper from Southeast Missouri.
Love to all in Jesus Name!

Thanks for contributing Sam!

Bee healthy,

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Apr 06, 2024
Propolis for cancer
by: Anonymous

I came to using propolis after having a psychic dream while dying of metastatic melanoma which had spread throughout my body. I was barely hanging on to life, had said my final goodbyes to my long distance friends and family, so they were expecting the next call to be from my brother saying I had passed away. Immediately waking from my dream, I searched honey bee cancer cure and seaweed cancer cure, as these were the two items in my dream. I quickly discovered propolis info, but there was nothing in regards to seaweed curing cancer. Yet, the message in my dream was clear to use both, so I did. I immediately started recovering, as in within hours. 5 months later I returned to work. That was over 9 years ago. I took 2000mg propolis on empty stomach 4x a day.. including before breakfast and before bedtime. I only ate a small amount of seaweed each time, as I sensed the seaweed was merely a catalyst making the propolis more effective. Once I was fully recovered, I continued 2000mg w/ seaweed in the morning 30 min or more before breakfast. I still do this. I used propolis on my dog when he was bit by a snake and appeared like he might die. I forced it down his throat 3x a day. He fully recovered. I also shared the regimen with a guy who needed to see a doctor but refused to. He had an open seeping sore on his leg and his leg was swollen horribly. Within 2 days, the swelling decreased by half. Wishing 5 days, it was back to normal. He continued the treatment until the sore was gone. I have used propolis on my face to remove suspicious moles, probably melanoma, as it loves the face. My guess is the capsules are more for internal health and that moles need propolis applied directly to them. The moles on my face completely disappeared within a week or two.

Ps.. I use raw seaweed. Can buy fresh or naturally dried out. My dream was specific about the seaweed being raw. Most of the time I used seaweed naturally dried and preserved with salt. Rinse well to remove the salt. Can also soak in water for more salt removal, which is sometimes necessary, but not always.

May 24, 2021
More details please?
by: Sharon

Curious about the strength of propolis you are using. I am using one topically as a go through the day, and a 50% strength overnight. I’m just covering my spots with the propolis and not bandaging, because it’s very difficult to get bandages to stick on the nose. 😬 They both seem to make a protective covering. The daytime one I just reapply as often as I think of it during the day, and the 50% before bed at night. I clean that off with lemon essential oil in the morning so as to not go about my day with brown spots.
Also, how long is a "few weeks". I have seen healing in one spot, but not done yet. Gone from a spot with a black dot, to just a raised pink spot, so good there and continuing. The other spot just seems to scab and heal slightly, and repeat. Any suggestions are welcome. I recognize there is no medical advice being dispensed here. 😉
Thank for reading and any input.

May 17, 2013
propolis for skin cancer
by: Nicholas

yes, it worked for me too. It is great for skin lesions, including those cancerous.

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