Lack of energy after pregnancies. Bee pollen?

by Jessica Q
(Alaska, USA)

First of all I'd just like to say thank you very much for this web site, it has been VERY informative & I'm so happy I came across it!

I am almost 25 (in a few days) mother of two, ages 5 & 1.
I started noticing my lack of energy during my last pregnancy & ever since I have felt worse & worse, I have tried everything I can think of (most recently ginseng & vitamin b12) to get energy, but nothing has helped. I have been very frustrated with this as my housework is very overwhelming at this point. About a week ago I found out about bee pollen, I had never heard of this being used as a supplement & since then I've tried to learn everything I can about it. I was finally able to buy some yesterday & I already notice a difference! But I feel like it's not enough... But I know I should give it time... Will I notice a significant difference right away or is this something that will take time?
The brand I bought is called Spring Valley & It was made in the US, They are 550 mg capsules, it says to take two daily, is this a good dosage for me to start out at? I'm just really hoping this works for me, I have been stuck in a rut for so long & I'm ready to feel great again!

Thank you for your time.

Hi Jessica,
Glad you found me here at I'm not familiar with the brand you've purchased. I tried to find some information online about where it is sourced from but was not able too. Even though it says 'Made in the U.S.A.' on the bottle, this does not mean that the pollen came from the U.S.. Manufacturers are able to state 'Made in the U.S.A.' if it is simply bottled in the U.S.A.. So, you're only bet is to contact the company and ask them where they get their pollen from.
Two 550 mg capsules is a good dose to start but I would experiment with higher amounts. After a couple of weeks try increasing your dose and see if you experience greater vitality. I'd also suggest trying some royal jelly capsules with your bee pollen in time. The two substances combined make a great energy tonic. I get excellent results with our 1000 mg Royal Jelly Concentrated capsules.
It is difficult to say how quickly your energy levels will come back up. It really depends on what is causing the energy/fatigue.
I'd also suggest you get your iron levels tested. After two children, I suspect you are on the low end. I recommend a product called IronSmart by Lorna Vanderhaeghe. You should also consider a high end women's multi nutrient product. I recommend a product called MultiSmart, also by Lorna Vanderhaeghe. Let me know if you can't find these products.

Hope that helps,

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