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First off, let me say I LOVE your site! It helped clear up many things for me. Though I do have a question due to my confusion (which seems to be off the charts lately-another reason I need bee pollen). I live in Colorado, do I need to find some bee farmers closer to me or can I use your products with the same results? Another question I have is can I give bee pollen to my 18 month old? I am currently breastfeeding so my newborn will get the benefits, but I want my toddler to get them too. And lastly, which product would you say is better, bee pollen or royal jelly? Or do they both have their own beauty to contribute to human bodies/minds?
Thank you so much for your time,
Email: GEWork01@gmail.com

Angela's Response:

Hi Megan,
Not necessarily no, you don't have to find bee pollen from Colarado. If you were treating allergies then local pollen is ideal but by the sounds of it you are not so a good North American pollen will work great for you. Giving bee pollen to an 18 month old is not something I recommend but we do have customers who have done it safely. If you do decide too, start with only one granule and increase by one granule per day if there are no side effects or reactions until you get up to 1/4 teaspoon maximum. And yes, you are correct - bee pollen and royal jelly are two very unique substances. They each have their own unique benefits BUT work very well together.

Hope that helps!

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