Is Your Bee Pollen a Blend of Different Pollens?

by Robert Bourdeau
(Ottawa, ON)

Is your bee pollen a blend of different pollens from North America like C.C. Pollen (Arizona) Company? Apparently they blend various pollens from different regions in the USA so that the nutritive value is optimum.

I understand that Eagles Nest Pollen comes from Orangeville, Ontario and Ambosia Pollen is in Ontario but is sourced from the Peace River area.

How would your pollen compare to these 3 companies in quality and nutritive value, and in freshness?

I am hoping to start with an order of 1 kg but I would wait for for answers to my queries.

Angela's Response:

Great questions Robert. Yes, our pollen is blended from different areas of North America. You can always tell when a pollen product is blended by the different shades of pollen within the product. You'll notice ours ranges from golden yellow to shades of brown.

It is hard for me to offer an educated opinion on these three brand Robert as I have only tasted their pollen and don't know or can't 100% verify their sources or their quality control. I would however have no problem stating that our product is of the highest quality and freshness. We stand by it 100%. It is refrigerated upon packaging and air sealed to maximize freshness.

With regards to nutritive value - again, it is very difficult to say how these compare to ours without having them sent away for analysis. And even then, the nutritive value of pollens are constantly changing due to the plant life in the area. Here is a link to the general vitamin and mineral content of most quality pollens:

And amino acid content here:

I stand behind our product Robert. What I would suggest you do is try our product and let your body tell you if it is a match for you. We have been selling bee pollen for 30 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. We carefully selected our bee pollen provider from many choices and have stuck with this source due to the careful way in which it is processed and stored. I hope this answers your questions.

Bee Healthy,

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