Intermittant fasting and bee pollen

by Hunter
(Durham, Ontario, Canada)

Hello, and thank you for aloowing me to ask you this question. I practice intermittant fasting (from 8-9pm last meal till around 4pm when I start eating). During the day I only drink water, tea's, and coffee. Would the evening meal be ok to have the bee pollen. I only ask because everyone says they get more energy from it. I don't really need a boost that late because I start to wind down. But I also don't want to comprimise the fast by taking it earlier. Although, I am thinking bee pollen might be alright during the fast (one tablespoon every couple hours or so) to help detox. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot and have a great night. Hunter Jarvis

Hi Hunter,
Great question. Yes, having bee pollen for your meal is certainly doable as it is very nutritious and will provide you with a vast array of nutrients. You'll likely need to consume more than a tablespoon however. I would suggest you read this article/testimonial of someone who lived on nothing but bee pollen for 6 months.
You'll likely get some good tips from it and it was doctor supervised.

You sound like you are experienced at fasting so don't need any tips on how to do it safely. But, I always recommend that you check with your Doctor or ND to ensure that you're healthy or even better, work with an ND while fasting to ensure that you're doing it safely.

If you are detoxing, try to ensure that you're using as clean a bee pollen product as possible so that you're not introducing more toxins into your body with a polluted product while you attempt to rid the body of them.


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Nov 29, 2023
Breaking fast
by: Anonymous

Hello will bee pollen break a fast ?

Angela's comments:

Yes, it will.

Oct 15, 2023
Fasting on BEE POLLIN
by: Larry

I have the same question about fasting on BEE POLLEN , I do a lot of fasting and blood work before and after my fast. I just did. Lois work and going to do a fast on bee pollen and honey. I nave been taking about two tablespoons of pollen and one tablespoon of honey at night and my sleep has been amazing.
I will fast for five to seven day to see how my body responds to bee pollen and honey. I realize that my digestive system will not be shut down because of the glucose coming from the honey.

Jun 21, 2021
Royal jelly
by: Anonymous

Hi Angela- I love your products. I practice intermittent fasting overnight till roughly 1 pm daily. Do you think a dose of Royal Jelly in the am upsets the fast? Thanks

I do actually. Royal Jelly has calories so while it is low in calories, it will end a fast, unfortunately.


Jul 01, 2019
Please read the articlees you reference
by: Jonathan

Hi, I am really looking at Bee pollen and loking up similar questions that were here. I know you mean well, and I am not a hater, but I feel you are not representing your industry well by your reply here. I thought by the title of the article, it would answer the similar questions about fasting and pollen interation. The artical's title you referenced is a lie. "Living on nothing but bee pollen?" and goes on to say "I mixed the fresh pollen with fruit juices and sometimes yogurt.

Betwen meals I ate fresh fruits, juices, raw vegetables" This is alot more than bee pollen by it self.

I bring this up , becasue in reading your stuff, I can tell you actully care about your field. If I did not have some of the previous knowlege about the product , I would feel this is soem industry B.S. and not give pollen a try. I think th e best way to respond to the guy would have been you do not know about fasting and the effects of pollen on has on it. Thank you for time

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