Infected hair follicles after shaving - royal jelly?

Hey hey,

Alright so this is something that is really starting to get to me. I experienced it during the winter when I was in Austria a few years ago and now I am in Sweden and it has barely gotten cold but the effects of the weather are starting to take its tole on my skin.

I shave with an electric razor on a setting that leaves about 0.5-1mm of hair afterwards. Even though I don't shave right back to the skin, I still get infected hair follicles around my jaw line about a day after shaving. I try not to shave more than once a week and when I haven't shaved for a while, as soon as I do, my facial skin is very good (only for about a day). Quickly after the first 24hrs, I get no more than about 3-5 inflamed red spots in which some turn into whiteheads. They usually appear between the bottom of my chin and my bottom lip inline with the left and right side of my mouth. Do you get where I mean lol? Anyhow, I noticed this tends to happen/get worst in winter when the air is very dry and cold. I am assuming it is due to the pores not being able to open up and bacteria being trapped inside.

Could you please offer me some advice and direction to what products would be suitable to use. A friend of mine has said that he uses royal jelly for open cut wounds which works an absolute miracle. Would anything alike assist?


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Hi Tristan,
Royal jelly does have strong anti-bacterial properties so it may help you with this issue. My husband has similar issues with after shave redness and in-grown whiskers (although not nearly as bad as you're experiencing). What he does is uses an electric shaver and then shaves with a very high quality blade/razor. He then applies our So Ho Mish Miracle cream to his entire face and neck, often twice a day. The So Ho Mish contains royal jelly as well as raw honey and propolis, both of which have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. These compounds are also highly anti-inflammatory which will help with the redness.

You may also want to consider using some tea tree oil on very bad spots. Tea tree oil is also highly anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

I hope this helps! Please let me know how you make out Tristan.


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Oct 20, 2011
Re: Shipping?
by: Tristan

In that case, I am willing to give the product a go, however, how do I get my hands on it here in Sweden? The list of ship-to countries, Sweden is not listed.

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