I take 55 teaspoons of bee pollen per day

by Jimmy S.

I eat 55 teaspoons of RAW Bee Pollen Granules A Day on an Empty Stomach for general health Maintence.I have been taking bee pollen Granules for over a Year and a Half now and I haven't been sick at all with any flu's or colds.. I am 22 Years old with no health problems and I love eating bee pollen Granules..

Is it safe for me to continue to eat large doses of Bee Pollen Granules?? I have been eating 50 tea spoons a day for Months now
combined with An excercise program.. I have lost tons of weight (not that i was ever Fat) and sleep way better.

Angela's Response:

Hi Jimmy,
Great question. Thank you for contacting me. So sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I've been away for the holidays. 55 teaspoons of pollen per day is a lot of pollen. It is likely the most I've ever heard of anyone consuming in a day! This works out to about 22 tablespoons a day and the most bee pollen I've experienced someone taking long term is 12 tablespoons per day. Granted, this was medically supervised and an experienced pollen consumer and the person experienced tremendous health benefits. Futhermore, they consumed this much pollen for only 6 months or so. In your case, I would say that you're entering new territory and kind of on your own as I wouldn't recommend this much pollen for any of my customers or clients. Not because I know it to be unhealthy, but because I have never worked with anyone at these levels. It may be totally safe and actually highly beneficial to your health - which it sounds to be as you've lost weight and your immune system sounds to be working very well. But, I would still recommend that you inform your doctor about what you are taking each day and perhaps have him do some basic blood work to ensure that you are as healthy as you feel. I would also recommend that you take at least one day off each week from consuming bee pollen. Over-consuming foods can often lead to food sensitivities or food allergies. It would also be a good idea to take a full week off every couple of months from bee pollen to further ensure that you don't develop any sensitivities to it.

Let me know if you have any more questions. I'd also love to hear more about your daily regimen of bee pollen as this is tremendous feedback for other bee pollen users.

Bee Healthy ~ Angela

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